Their positions raised questions about how their conventional

Disagreements are also brewing at the heart of Trump’s own cabinet. While most of his nominees appear to be heading for confirmation, clear differences emerged between the President-elect and his national security team at their hearings on Russia, torture, the Iran nuclear deal and the need to preserve US alliances.
Their positions raised questions about how their conventional views would fit with a president who seems intent on disrupting foreign policy traditions. Trump tweeted on Friday that there was no reason to worry.
“All of my Cabinet nominee are looking good and doing a great job. I want them to be themselves and express their own thoughts, not mine!”
Traditionally, new presidents begin their administrations by using their inaugural address to call on the nation to unite after fractious political campaigns. Trump may do the same, though his scorched earth style leaves him with perhaps a bigger challenge in this area than any recent president. His handling of lingering questions about the extent of Russian interference in the election and the treatment of Hillary Clinton by the FBI could also be crucial to establishing credibility with those who oppose him.


speaking at a news conference Wednesday in Trump Tower

The president-elect, speaking at a news conference Wednesday in Trump Tower, repeated his view, expressed shortly after his election, that as president, he will be exempt from conflict of interest laws that apply to all other federal employees except the vice president. But he and his legal team said he would still take voluntary steps to avoid even a perception of a conflict, such as the appearance that a decision he made as president might benefit one of his business ventures.

But Mr. Trump and his advisers would not release basic information about this plan. Mr. Trump has filed information with the federal government that indicates he is worth at least $1.5 billion, but that information has not been independently verified, and the value of the assets being transferred into the trust is not known.

Mr. Trump’s representatives also would not release the names of people who stand to benefit from any profits the trust generates, or say whether Mr. Trump would be able to reverse the transaction. On Wednesday, Mr. Trump rebuffed a renewed call to release his tax returns, which presidents have done for decades and which would show how much profit he makes from his business endeavors, including golf courses, marketing deals and commercial office space.

Mr. Shaub, who was appointed by President Obama, said that he did not believe selling assets was too high a price to pay to be president, and that Mr. Trump must divest them in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

“We can’t risk creating the perception that government leaders would use their official positions for profit,” said Mr. Shaub, whose office establishes ethical standards for 2.7 million civilian employees in the White House and more than 130 executive branch agencies. “I appreciate that divestiture can be costly. But the president-elect would not be alone in making that

contain ice which is probably indigenous to Ceres

Hunting for ice deposits is hard work: of the 634 identified craters with permanent dark areas, ten craters with conspicuously bright spots in their interior were found in the images of the Framing Cameras. A comparatively young crater, still unnamed but provisionally called Number 2, plays a special role here; it lies 69.9 degrees north and has a diameter of 3.8 kilometres. The bright deposits there extend beyond the permanent darkness right into the area which is sometimes illuminated by direct sunlight. “This offers the opportunity to analyse the light reflected from there with Dawn’s VIR (Visible and IR Spectrometer) onboard instrument, which was supplied by the Italian space agency,” explains Andreas Nathues, who heads the Framing Camera experiment at the MPS. “We can clearly see the spectral signature of water ice, but were unable to find other frozen gases.” The scientists assume that the other bright deposits are also made mainly of water ice.

Scientists have long thought that Ceres’ interior contains large amounts of ice because its density is so low — 2.1621 grammes per cubic centimetre. This is now the second time that water has been found directly on the surface. The current results join measurements from the Herschel telescope operated by the European Space Agency ESA, which measured water vapour close to Ceres in 2014. In December 2015, moreover, Max Planck researchers in Göttingen used the Framing Cameras to record patches of mist over two craters close to the equator, likewise an indication of water in vapour form.

I knew I would lose my sister sooner or later, but not in those circumstances

Haines had previously been suspended after complaints about her in Victoria and had only recently started work at Ballina while she was subject to reporting conditions.

The judge said Ms Darragh had complained about Haines refusing to give her a cream to soothe an itch, while Ms Spencer said she had refused to help her reach the toilet.

Hours after learning of the complaints, Haines went into the medication room between midnight and 1am, removed two syringes, drew up two injections of insulin, and administered them to the women, probably as they slept.

In jailing her for a maximum of 36 years, the judge described her offences as “deliberate and calculating”, and a flagrant abuse of her power.